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Taxonomy: Hafnia
Taxonomic NameATCC Product NameDate PublishedLengthDownloadGenomic Data
Hafnia alveiATCC® 51873™August 27, 20195.0 Mb
Hafnia alveiATCC® 29926™February 25, 20234.8 Mb
Hafnia alveiType StrainATCC® 13337™February 25, 20234.9 Mb
Hafnia alveiATCC® 9760™October 3, 20234.7 Mb
Hafnia alveiATCC® BAA-2768™March 5, 20244.9 Mb
Hafnia alveiATCC® 51815™August 1, 20224.9 Mb
Hafnia paralveiATCC® 29927™September 5, 20234.9 Mb
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