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Taxonomy: Malassezia
Taxonomic NameATCC Product NameDate PublishedLengthDownloadGenomic Data
Malassezia globosaATCC® MYA-4889™April 28, 20239.0 Mb
Malassezia globosa CBS 7966MSA ComponentType StrainATCC® MYA-4612™October 30, 20209.0 Mb
Malassezia pachydermatisType StrainATCC® 14522™October 30, 20208.5 Mb
Malassezia restrictaType StrainATCC® MYA-4611™October 31, 20237.3 Mb
Malassezia sympodialisType StrainATCC® 96803™November 4, 20227.8 Mb
Malassezia sympodialisATCC® 42132™April 29, 20247.7 Mb
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